I have worked with Mark Wright as a contract employee of the Development Department at Hospice & Palliative CareCenter in Winston-Salem for over a year now. Mark is an excellent writer. He is skilled at researching his topic and putting facts and data together in a strategic manner. Mark is articulate and thorough. He is a pleasure to work with...

--Ellen Stockton Coble, Vice President for Development, Hospice & Palliative CareCenter

When I was the editor of Visions magazine and other external publications at the Medical Center, Mark could always be depended upon for beautifully written, insightful articles that were letter-perfect for print. He is an outstanding editor with a keen eye for narrative clarity and power.

--Annette Wilkerson Porter, Director of Internal and Corporate Communications, Wake Forest Baptist Health

Mark is, by far, the strongest writer with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work. His grasp of the English language is impressive, and his passion for writing is contagious. He challenged me to become a better writer, which has helped me advance in my personal career. 

--Shannon Koontz, Web Editor/Associate Editor, Piedmont Parent Magazine

Mark is a consummate public relations and marketing professional with whom I've worked on numerous projects. In each case, Mark's networks, insight and team mentality propelled our project to new heights, and resulted in our message penetrating into our target market. Our research based organization was recognized with a national award for our public engagement, which I attribute in large part to Mark's professional assistance.

--Dwayne Godwin, Professor/Associate Dean, Wake Forest University

Mark is a very talented and extremely professional communications specialist. I have work on multiple committees with Mark and you always get his best as he goes above and beyond what is expected. I highly recommend Mark's services.

--Joe Kronner, President, JFK Consulting Group, Inc.